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Implantcenter Dentistry and Oral Surgery, London, UK

Dentistry and Oral Surgery

Map and directions

Map - Implantcenter Dentistry and Oral Surgery

Call us: 020 3411 9910

Implantcenter is located in the centre of London, near the King's Cross station.

Our address:
71 Grays Inn Road London WC1X 8TR
GPS coordinates: 51.523177, -0.114459

Directions by car- Implantcenter Dentistry and Oral Surgery

Directions by car

Car parking is available on Gray's Inn Road.

Situated within walking distance from public transport links:

Directions by underground - Implantcenter Dentistry and Oral Surgery

Directions by underground

7 minutes from Chancery Lane station
15 minutes from King’s Cross St. Pancras station

Directions with bus - Implantcenter Dentistry and Oral Surgery

Directions by bus

Bus routes: 17, 45, 46 : Gray's Inn Road Rosebery Ave (Stop CB)


Thanks very much. Yes, I enjoy my smile every single day. :- And I am a good ambassador for your clinic as I recommend you to many people. I would be happy for you to give my mobile phone details out to anyone in the UK you wished to get a 2nd opinion on using your surgery. I am deeply grateful for your excellent professional services. I did much research for months before choosing your clinic and my efforts proved very beneficial as I think I made the best choice. Thank to all at the Implant Centre and especially Dr Nemeth.

Kind Regards,

John D.